Satisfacion is the fruit of Contribution.

MPI is committed to contribution to integrity, which includes soundness of subjects and sponsors through development of pharmaceutical products, of individual employees through continued development of MPI, and of society as a public institution.



Details of our contribution


1.Contribution to soundness of subjects and sponsors

- In compliance with ethical doctrines based upon Helsinki Declaration as well as GCP ordinances, MPI conducts trials in an adequate manner, and supports sponsors in successful launch of pharmaceutical products.

- Human right and safety of subjects are the top priority. MPI conducts any of the clinical trials in a scientifically rigorous manner.



2.Contribution to soundness of sponsors

- Requirements from sponsors are tailor-made. Roles and responsibilities of CROs are expanding every year. MPI contributes to the growth and development of sponsors though invigoration of medical procedures and pharmaceutical industry with the top-notch services.

- Credibility and reliability are everything. MPI would never compromise in customers’ satisfaction.



3.Contribution to soundness of individual employees

- A sound sense of morality and expertise of each of our employees mean everything to us as an important player in the pharmaceutical development. More focus is being placed on people development.

- Our morale boosters include allocating higher scores to employees with team spirit and high aspirations in the performance appraisal, so they will be provided with better remuneration and will be even more time / cost effective.

- Our ongoing efforts include improvement of the frameworks in the workplace, where our employees are taken care of from the physical and mental viewpoints, and demonstrate their talents to the brilliant level.



4.Contribution to soundness of society

- MPI is socially engaged, and is to maintain interactions with the society on a regular basis.

- MPI has / is to assisted people afflicted by disasters until recovery of the people and areas.

- No compromise is acceptable with any of the asocial forces whose inappropriate requirements are to be definitely rejected. MPI conducts no business deal with asocial forces, whether they are lawful or unlawful.