Message From Management



Chairman and Chief Executive Officer  Akinori Urae

Since our inception in 1982, MEDISCIENCE PLANNING INC. has made any and all efforts, as a pioneer of CRO in Japan, in providing services to the pharmaceutical development with no compromise in quality.

CRO Business offers services in Monitoring, Data Management and Bio-statistics Analysis, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Regulatory Consulting and Medical Imaging. MPI is your one-stop service centre; a variety of services includes early-stage pharmaceutical development throughout post-marketing activities of pharmaceutical products. Our consecutive growth in CRO industry is totally due to more and more of research & development activities that are outsourced by pharmaceutical companies. Roles and responsibilities of CRO are greater and more versatile than they used to be.

Looking ahead drastic transformation caused by further globalisation, MPI has enforced global compliance with the very best quality. Clinical trial processes have been even more cost & time effective thanks to the employment of various technologies M3, Inc. has in place. MPI is challenging the next stage as a CRO organisation with MPI-specific value added services. ‘Contribution to Integrity’ is our management philosophy. MPI will further improve our corporate value and continue our ever-onward efforts.